Why We Rebranded

December 10, 2020

Goodbye, Chargery.
Hello, Surve Mobility!

From mobile charging to leading partner for highly efficient shared mobility operations. After more than 3 years, we say goodbye to Chargery and become Surve Mobility.

Logo (Dusk Blue)

Why did we decide to change our name and appearance?

A lot has changed in the last three years and it is hard to believe where we are today. With just under 300 employees, who pave the way for the future of mobility throughout Europe, we are no longer a start-up, but a company. Because we have grown to be such a relevant player in the world of future mobility, we decided it was time to change our name and appearance.

But how did it all begin?

It's summer in Berlin in 2017 and Paul, Christian, and Philipp decide to sustainably change mobility and help people become more mobile. The idea was to create a mobile charging service that would compensate for the lack of charging infrastructure in our cities and take carsharing to a new level. Chargery was born.

And what came next?

We quickly realized that we needed to offer more than just a charging solution for shared fleets; we needed to become a partner that could take care of every aspect of operations for carsharing and micromobility providers. We are constantly pushing ourselves to do more to steer the future of mobility in new directions and to make our cities more liveable. For these reasons, we expanded our service portfolio to become a full service provider for shared fleets of all kinds.

Full service is all well and good, but we wanted more

We knew that in order to really make a difference, simply expanding our service portfolio was not going to be enough, so we developed a holistic and sustainable operational approach. This approach enables us, but more importantly our partners, to grow and stay one step ahead of the rapidly changing mobility sector. By combining services, intelligent software and our own infrastructure solutions, we enable our partners to operate highly efficient and sustainable shared fleets.

Brand Infographic

Today, you can find us powering shared mobility operations for top mobility players like Sixt Share, ShareNow, and Voi in 15 cities across 4 countries, and we are always adding new destinations to our route. Say hello to: Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Norway. This year alone we have grown from 65 employees in January to almost 300 by the end of the year.

Introducing Surve Mobility

"We set mobility in motion" - that is what we do, day in and day out. How do we do it? We bring people and technology together.

We Set Mobility In Motion

We are always on-the-go, working around the clock to keep our partners’ shared fleets moving. We are constantly challenging the status quo to steadily progress the industry and our partners. We do not give in to challenges. Instead, we address them head-on to find innovative solutions. We inspire and lead through collaboration because changing the future of mobility in a sustainable way is not something that can be achieved alone, we all have to work together.

Surve is courageous, inventive, different, inspiring and accessible.

Surve embodies a feeling: SURVE is a part of the urban landscapes of the future. We glide quietly and smoothly through the streets setting mobility in motion.

Logo (Dawn Rose)

This feeling of movement and vitality as well as our holistic approach are all embodied by the two semicircles found in our logo.

Our new font is simple, modern, functional and timeless. Its slight curves convey a feeling of flowing. The act of flowing reflects our brand's personality and claim to set everything in motion and keep it moving.

Brand Colors

The colors Night Black, Dusk Blue, Dawn Rose and Bright Grey are the main colors of our brand and round off our new brand. For us our colors are a promise. No matter the time of day, SURVE Mobility is always on the move to keep our partners' fleets ready for their next ride.

Coming Full Circle

We've hit the end of the road for now. We hope you enjoyed getting to know our company and our new brand a bit better. We also hope that you have come to see this rebrand not as a departure from who we are, but rather as an arrival in a new era.

Are you ready for the new ride?


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